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Maxx Air improves your diner’s experience. Whether it’s a restaurant, bar, café or bakery, you want to provide the best atmosphere for your customers, make sure they are comfortable and prolong their stay to increase your sales. 

Our products enhance your place and improve the air quality by reducing odors, airborne health hazards, moisture and humidity. With an HVAC system, our fans evenly distribute conditioned air throughout the space making the customer’s experience even better.

Our smart solutions guarantee a fresher outdoor experience with heaters, wall mount fans, misting fans and air coolers for your patios and yards. Hot summers won't be a problem anymore, not even cold winters! 

Our indoor solutions won't only make your guests feel better, but your employees as well, improving the look and the vibe of your place, it's a win-win!

 There are plenty of ventilation solutions we offer for the food industry, if you have any questions feel free to contact us and we will be happy to work with you in finding the perfect product. 

Product Categories

  • Air coolerAir Coolers
  • Air purifiersAir Purifiers
  • Ceiling fanCeiling fans
  • Dehumidifiers & dryersDehumidifiers & Dryers
  • Heaters altHeaters
  • PedestalPedestal Fans
  • Wall mountWall Mounts
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