We’re ramping up for another sweltering summer season. Let’s not forget our four-legged friends and their comfort! Whether it’s the family pet or a prized show steer, we’ve got a ventilation solution to meet all yours needs and keep your animals cool.



Proper precautions should be taken to avoid heat stress in dogs, including access to water and a shady area with airflow.

Heat stroke can kill quickly, and dogs are potentially more susceptible as they cannot fully rely on sweating to cool their bodies. Instead, their main points of temperature regulation are panting and heat release from their nose, paws, and skin (vasodilation) which aren’t always effective as temperatures rise. 


In addition to preventative measures such as all-day water access, providing shady areas for rest, and avoiding midday sun, investing in an outdoor-rated fan like our 20 in. pedestal unit can improve your pet’s well-being. This stand fan can be used safely on the patio for the whole family to enjoy, with a tilting fan head that enables it to be used as a spot cooler (we’re lookin’ at you, Rover!) to cool individuals and pets directly. It’s also helpful for keeping mosquitoes at bay with it’s powerful blast of air.


If you’re battling especially soaring temps outdoors, you can also add mist for added benefit, as with the Maxx Air 14 in. Misting Fan. This mini mister is effective up to 15 feet away and can operate up to 8 hours with the built-in water tank!


If you find you could use a boost for cooling indoors, an air circulator like our new 10 in. floor fan might be just the ticket. Small, compact, and quiet, it offers concentrated high velocity airflow to quickly cool small rooms or areas without being disruptive or taking up a lot of space.



A horse cools off after a hard workout thanks to a Maxx Air misting fan.

Heat stress is also a worry for equines. Different shows have varying amenities, making it hard to determine what your horse will be provided when you arrive. Make sure your horse’s comfort is ensured no matter what with a unit like our 18 in. mid-pressure misting fan.


This unit can be used as a fan only, or with mist function to lower the ambient air temperature. Maxx Air mid-pressure units can function on a compact 10 gallon cooler or a 40 gallon cooler case for 14 continuous hours of mist on a single fill, which makes it great for cooling horses trailer-side before a big show or event, or after a heavy workout or long trail ride, and can also ward off annoying flies and mosquitoes.


Since competition horses (and you!) are always on the road, it can be hard to find an effective cooling solution that can go with you, anywhere. Our misting fan heads store in the innovative 40 gallon cooler, making it easy to transport on the road. What’s not to like?!



Show cattle stay comfortable in a run with two Maxx Air evaporative coolers.

Whether it’s dairy cattle, goats, or chickens, protecting your animals from heat stress can make a difference in their productivity during heatwaves, especially if they’re enclosed in barns. Good ventilation also helps to decrease odors in your facility for a better working environment.


For chickens, we recommend our specially designed poultry fans, which are engineered with totally enclosed motors safe for dust, and wide grilles to allow for feathers and large debris to pass through without clogging the components. This translates to less maintenance for you when compared with typical ag rated fans!


Wall mount fans are also a great addition to large cattle barns, keeping the space well-ventilated when combined with an exhaust fan system, while helping to prevent insect strike. As with any agricultural space, a totally-enclosed motor is a must, and our Maxx Air heavy-duty 3 speed wall mount fan is our tried-and-true, best-selling solution. The pull chain speed selection can be lengthened or shortened as desired, making sure your barn is safe and that you have complete control over your fans no matter where you install them.


If your animals are confined to runs or pens indoors, and floor space is available, an evaporative cooler is always a great solution to spot cool concentrated areas. The smallest swamp cooler in our line, the 18 in. evap cooler has a variable speed control, a built-in water tank and water hose adapter, and caster wheels to easily push it around your barn where you need it.


As always, it’s important to take proper precautions when operating a fan near animals. To ensure their safety, fully read and follow all instructions in your fan manual, never leave your pets unattended if a fan is running, and only use fans in the setting for which they are rated.

Maxx Air wishes everyone a fun and safe summer! If you have any questions on ventilation solutions, we’re always here to help! Feel free to contact us for more information.