No one can deny that we’re living in strange times. With the spread of COVID-19, many public health messages focus on the individual: wear a mask, stand 6 feet apart, wash your hands frequently, avoid crowds. But is there anything that can be done to make the space you live or work in safer? Absolutely!

Coronavirus particles can linger in the air. Since air cannot flow as readily indoors as outdoors, homes, offices, and commercial spaces are often battling with less than stellar air quality. Now more than ever, it’s important to improve indoor airflow to help keep these virus particles (and others!) from collecting in the air to reduce the risk of transmission.

The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) recently released an online article detailing measures you can take to keep your home or building space well ventilated. Here, we’ll outline some of their suggestions and how Maxx Air products can help create a safer environment for everyone.



A floor fan near an source of fresh air (such as an open door or window) helps to improve ventilation conditions in your home or workspace.

Open windows and doors when you’re able to get fresh air flowing.

Whole house fans operate on this principle, pulling fresh air in from these sources and exhausting existing stale air out of your space and into your attic to create a constant, cooling flow throughout your residence. This constant ventilation can reduce the concentration of viral particles in the air.

You can also create a cross-flow of wind similar to this using floor fans or barrel fans, placing a fan near one source (like an open door) to act as an intake of fresh air, and another fan at a second source (such as close to an open window) to push air outside.



Keeping exhaust fans running in a warehouse while employees work creates a constant flow of air in your building.

Keep your exhaust fans on for an hour or more after people have used the space to help reduce virus particles.

In a house, this would include bath fans in a bathroom, laundry room, or utility space.

For warehouse buildings, keeping an industrial exhaust fan working during operating hours ensures you’ve got a constant source of air movement while employees are around to keep things running smoothly.



Turn on your ceiling fans to keep air circulating in your room.

Yes, just using a fan inside can help!

If you’re not able to open a window or door as outlined above, keep a floor fan or ceiling fan on anyway to keep the air moving. If you’re using a portable fan, be mindful of the fan’s position, avoiding pointing it directly towards people or groups.






Although the risk of transmission can never be completely eliminated, Maxx Air is committed to providing quality ventilation products that can aid in the fight against this deadly virus. Choosing the best method of ventilation for you can be tricky! If you have any questions on how to better ventilate your space, contact us online or give us a call toll-free at 800-433-1626. We’re here to help!


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