When you think about fans, you think about cooling, right? Hot summer temps and the drone of a fan pushing air around seem to go hand in hand. But for ceiling fans, the story’s a little different. To really get the best performance out of a ceiling fan in your space, you should invest in a model that can be used in winter too!

How do I know if a ceiling fan is ok for winter use? Reverse your fan to turn the blades clockwise to reclaim heated air from the ceiling back to floor level.

Many ceiling fans offer a reverse function, and it’s this function that allows it to be used year-round no matter the season. In summer, ceiling fans should run counterclockwise to create a cooling breeze in your home. In the winter, the reverse option allows the motor to rotate the fan blades clockwise, creating an updraft which takes rising, heated air at the ceiling and recovers it, pushing it back downwards for an evenly heated room.


Some specialty fans, like our ICF and HVLS models, are designed to circulate the air in a process called destratification. Destratification ceiling fans are superstars at bringing balance to hard-to-heat/cool spaces, from warehouses and stores to office buildings and homes. These areas with large, open rooms or high ceilings tend to have a greater temperature difference from floor to ceiling level, and destratification fans work to bring the whole space to a comfortable, equalized temperature from top to bottom.


How do I change the direction of my ceiling fan?

Changing from summer to winter mode with Maxx Air is as simple as the press of a remote button!It varies from brand to brand, so consult the instruction manual for your fan model, or contact the manufacturer if you’re unsure. Maxx Air ceiling fans are remote control operated, so it’s as easy as pressing the reverse button on your remote! No need for a ladder and sketchy balancing act trying to reach a switch on the motor or a special pull chain.


Wouldn’t running a ceiling fan increase my electric bill?

In general, ceiling fans are very inexpensive to run. Maxx Air ICF and HVLS ceiling fans are especially energy efficient, costing mere pennies a day to operate with typical usage.  They can increase your comfort as well, which means you may not feel the need to run your HVAC unit as often or set a higher temperature on your thermostat to reach the same comfort level—and when your HVAC runs less, you use less energy, and can see some savings on that dreaded energy bill!

Where can I get a Maxx Air ceiling fan?

In need of a fan this winter? Look no further! Maxx Air has you covered with a full line of energy-efficient, modern ceiling fans that are sure to please in your space! See our fan offering below and click to learn more:

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