Sitting on a beautiful, sprawling campus in Snowmass, CO, the Anderson Ranch Arts Center has long been a welcoming haven for supporting artists in their craft. We at Maxx Air were lucky enough to get some time with Director of Marketing and Communications at the Anderson Ranch, Katherine Roberts, who details how they've been navigating COVID and keeping the center as safe as possible with the help of our QuFresh HEPA Air Purifier. See her interview below:


Who are you? Tell us about yourself.

Founded in 1966, Anderson Ranch Arts Center is a premier destination in America for art making and critical dialog, bringing together aspiring and internationally renowned artists to discuss and further their work in a stimulating environment. Nestled in the Rocky Mountains of Aspen/Snowmass, Colorado, the Ranch hosts extensive workshops for aspiring, emerging, established artists, children and teenagers in eight disciplines, including Photography & New Media, Ceramics, Painting & Drawing, Furniture Design & Woodworking, Sculpture, Printmaking and Digital Fabrication.


What is the history of the business? What does your business offer to consumers?

In addition to the Summer Series: Featured Artists & Conversations, the Ranch hosts engaging events throughout the year including: the Recognition Dinner, held in honor of Anderson Ranch’s International Artist Award and Service to the Arts Award honorees; the Annual Art Auction & Community Picnic, a forty year tradition which features works of local, national and international artists; and a year-round Artists-in-Residence Program, fostering artistic growth for emerging and established visual artists. For more than 55 years, Anderson Ranch Arts Center has been working to enrich lives with art, inspiration and community.


What makes your business unique?

Our multi-disciplinary nature. We offer programs in eight different artistic mediums, which is quite distinct from other arts centers around the world.


Students in the Anderson Ranch Soldner Ceramics Studio during a ceramics workshop called "Decorative Surfaces at Mid Range." Students practice hand building techniques (e.g., coil and slab construction) as well as throwing on the wheel with some simple altering with the goal of learning to sculpt and glaze simple, elegant, cohesive forms.

What do you love most about this industry?

We are a community that brings diverse people together to learn and experiment in a safe and inspiring environment. It is rewarding to see and hear about the experiences our program participants have at Anderson Ranch and how their time here impacts their lives.


What are some ventilation problems you face with your business?

Once the CDC determined that the spread of COVID-19 occurs via airborne particles and droplets, we knew that air purification needed to be a key part of our business safety plan. In addition to Covid, we were facing other air quality issues from regional wild fire smoke.

Anderson Ranch is a 5-acre campus made up of 14 separate buildings and there are 200+ people who come here each week during the summer to take, teach or attend programs. Increasing fresh air flow, ventilation and purification across campus was a major undertaking. The QuFresh Portable HEPA Air Purifier provides the highest quality air purification possible for our students, faculty, staff and interns and allowed us to keep our studios and facilities open and safe, allowing us to continue delivering on our mission.


Have you tried any other fan products before this? What did you dislike?

We have tried some other air purification products, specifically Medify Air. These purifiers, while effective in our smaller offices and studios were not able to provide the level of air filtration we needed in our larger more highly trafficked spaces and industrial studios such as the Sculpture Building and Café.


Sculpture Studio Coordinator Zakriya Rabani demonstrates the plasma cutter to Visiting Artist Yana Payusova.

How do our products solve these problems for you?

Especially as we go into the colder months when we are not able to have doors and windows open, the QuFresh Portable HEPA Air Purifier will be an instrumental tool in creating healthy and safe environment for our artists and other guests.


What do you like most about these products?

The QuFresh Portable HEPA Air Purifiers are very visible and give our program participants a visual reminder and peace of mind that we were doing everything possible to keep them safe with first rate air filtration. This allows them to focus on their work and have a great experience at Anderson Ranch.


What would you tell someone who's considering buying one of our products?

Safety should be a priority for any organization. No more than ever air quality is something all business should be providing to their staff and customers. From our research, QuFresh Portable HEPA Air Purifiers are one of the most effective and affordable air purifiers on the market.


What are your hopes for your company in the future? What do you hope to accomplish or where do you see it?

I hope that Anderson Ranch continues to thrive and grow in a sustainable way so that we can impact even more people with our mission of enriching lives with art, inspiration and community.


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