New schedules, new friends, and the dreaded, seemingly endless box-hauling on moving day. Whether you call a dorm room or an off-campus apartment home, we’ve got 3 great must-haves for keeping you comfortable during the semester.


The Maxx Air Mini Desk Fans are a great travel companion across school campus for studying and learning.

The Go-Anywhere Fan

And we mean anywhere. Maxx Air High Velocity Desk Fans come in 3 sizes (4, 6, and 8 in.) and can be easily thrown into a backpack to take with you around campus. Long night study session in the library? Check. Stuffy lecture room? Yup. Typing an essay on the café patio? We’ve got you covered.

These fans use an efficient DC motor that is powered by a standard outlet or via USB, making them easy to operate even when an outlet isn’t nearby; just plug it into your laptop and you’re good to go! Each fan size is engineered for quiet operation, so you can be assured it’s not a disruption to anyone nearby (and you’ll hear your professor loud and clear during class!), and have a gentle airflow that won’t leave your notes fluttering or flying away.


The Maxx Air 20 in. floor fan is our most popular floor fan and can serve as an all-room air circulator and provide light noise for sleeping.

The White Noise Master

Important test tomorrow? GET. SOME. GOOD. SLEEP.

If you’re one of those sleepers that need ambient sound to get decent shut-eye, or if you’re a light sleeper that jolts awake every time someone slams a door in the dorm hallway, adding a fan can be just the ticket to mask distractions. Plus, creating a cooler room can make it easier to fall asleep!

Our best-selling 20 in. Floor Fan has a relaxing high velocity hum with 3 speed choices to provide refreshing air circulation all through the night. It’s easy to assemble, easy to clean, and features non-skid feet to safely hold the fan in place even on wood or tile floors. This metal fan is built to last unlike cheaper plastic box fans, making it a smart investment in your comfort beyond graduation.


The HeTR 7 in. ceramic heater quickly warms up small college rooms and can also be used in warmer weather.

The All-in-One Heater

Let’s be real—dorms aren’t exactly known for being the height of luxury. Most times, you’re working in a space where less is absolutely more, and utilizing what little available room you have can be a challenge. If you need extra heating or cooling and your room is extra small, your best bet is to look for something compact and multi-purpose.

Our Portable Ceramic Heater checks off both of those boxes: at only 9 inches tall, it’s small in stature but can heat a room up to 160 sq. ft. without a challenge. As a bonus, this do-it-all unit has a fan-only mode to use it in spring and summer for extra airflow. It’s lightweight at only 3 lbs. and it’s small footprint means it can store away neatly in a closet when you head home.


Remember to study up on your college or complex’s rules and regulations before adding a fan or heater to your room. If you have more questions, we’re always here to help! Feel free to contact us for more information.