One of the great things about a Maxx Air product is the love and care that our employees put into it. From the engineer who designed and sourced the parts, to the line crew who stamped, rolled, and assembled it into creation, the shipping crew who wrapped and carefully transported it into an outgoing truck, the sales team who spread the news of the latest and greatest we have to offer, and the customer service office who work tirelessly to answer anything and everything you need to know about our fans and heaters. Everyone has a role to play in making each product the best it can be, so that you can get the most out of it. This year, we put our all into making sure our customers had everything they need. Here's a snapshot of some of our highlights: 

Maxx Air / Ventamatic's 2021 year in review.

We’re proud of what we make and offer to ours consumers, right here in the heart of Texas. We hope that any time you use a Maxx Air product, you think of all of us here and know how much your purchase means to us.


Sincerely wishing all of you the best 2022 to come,

The Maxx Air Fan Team