2015 annual holiday party at Ventamatic (Maxx Air) headquarters in Mineral Wells, Texas.

We’re proud of the great team we have here at Maxx Air. Having been around since 1948, our company strives to keep our traditions alive and not only celebrate the holiday season, but the people who have made Maxx Air what it is today. No event is more looked forward to than our holiday party.

The day is always abuzz as the caterers arrive and set up, long rows of tables are decorated and music begins to flow from inside the warehouse.

We taste samples of the best homemade desserts in the baking contest, try (unsuccessfully) to weasel the winning recipe from the baker, laugh and chat with former employees who have long since retired but returned to give their well-wishes, vote on the best (or worst?) holiday sweater get-ups, watch videos of parties past, draw for prizes, talk about our year and our goals for the future, and finish with a few essential rounds of bingo before returning home.

Sales representative John Riley shows off his holiday spirit with a sweater, bow tie and hat.

It may seem trivial having it summed up into a single, short paragraph like that, but it’s a benchmark for our year, and a fond source of memories for all of our employees. It’s a homecoming for many, where we can all just press the pause button to gather, enjoy, and appreciate the family we have built here at work.

From our Maxx Air family to yours, we want to express our gratitude to the customers who support this company and all the people within it. It is truly an amazing thing to see this little Texas company-that-could grow and thrive year over year, all thanks to the customers who appreciate the quality that Maxx Air stands for.