With the recent coronavirus outbreak, more and more employees are being sent home to do their usual 9-5 crunch. You want to make sure you do your best work in the best working conditions possible, and a well-placed fan can help you meet those expectations—whether your “home office” is a spacious den, a kitchen island, or the living room coffee table.

Consider your personal needs when purchasing a fan. Is it for a large or small space? Will you be moving it around frequently? Can you use it during those all-too-often teleconference meetings or would it be too noisy?

With so many options on the market today, which style should you choose? Never fear! Here’s our top 3 air circulator recommendations for your remote work lifestyle.


Desk Fans

A desk fan offers up-close, personal cooling without taking up crucial desk space.

6 inch mini desk fan with USB plug.

Our HVDF series (available in 3 handy sizes) provides a gentle breeze that is quiet enough to operate while you talk on the phone or web conference and keeps papers and other lightweight items from blowing off the tabletop.

The best part? It can be plugged into a USB port, allowing you to stray away from a standard electrical outlet and still keep yourself cool. Use it straight from a laptop, in a car, workstation, cubicle, and more!


High Velocity Air Movers

An air mover offers the best of both worlds where power and portability meet.

14 inch floor fan in black finish

The Maxx Air® 14 In. Floor Fan can be used for spot cooling near your workspace or placed at one end of the room as an all-room circulator. It is ready to go straight out of the box and has 3 quiet speeds to keep you focused on the task at hand no matter the temperature.

16 inch turbo floor fan in red finish.

If you want to add a pop of color (and need something more powerful!) consider the 16 In. Turbo Floor Fan. This fan moves a whopping 1,600 CFM but remains ultra-quiet in operation through all 3 speeds. The deep shroud in red finish effectively pulls in air and pushes it outwards in a concentrated burst for a refreshing breeze.

While heavier than a desk fan, these air movers are still designed with portability features, including a pre-installed carry handles and a built-in cord wrap to make moving them from room to room easy.