If you’re stuck sweating over the heat AND your monthly utility bill, a whole house fan might be for you. Whole house fans have long been an alternative method to cooling your home, running during the evening and morning hours in lieu of air conditioning. Installed in a central location of your residence, like a hallway ceiling, the fan draws fresh air from open windows and pulls stale air into the attic and through roof vents. If you live in an area with cool nights (and the occasional temperate days), here’s why you should consider adding a whole house fan to your home for added ventilation:


Open windows provide an intake source of fresh air when operating a whole house fan.

1. It's Energy Efficient

A typical air conditioner unit uses 1.2 – 5.0 kW an hour, while our 14” and 18” ducted whole house fans use anywhere from 0.4 – 0.6 kW an hour on average--less than half the pull of an AC. Why is this important? Saving energy also means saving money. In California, for instance, where energy prices can be as high as 19 cents per kWh, you could save up to $4.40 a day using your whole house fan instead of an AC.

2. It’s Quiet

Traditional whole house fans are mounted right above the air intake shutter. Modern designs are installed further into the attic, with a long duct between the fan unit and the intake grid. This distance dampens the sound of the fan running, making for a quieter unit than models before.

A modern whole house fan is an alternate way to stay cool without depending on an air conditioner.

3. It Has Wireless Controls

You’ve just opened your windows and settled into bed, but forgot to turn on the fan. Lucky for you, it runs on the latest technology! Just open your phone to the WiFan app to connect remotely, turn the fan on high or low speed, and set a run timer so that you can drift off without interruption and enjoy a cool room the whole night. Hunting for the on/off switch in a dark hallway is now a thing of the past when you choose one of our smart fan models with Wi-Fi hub. 

4. It’s Easily Installed

The Maxx Air modern whole house fan design includes a damper box that fits easily between 16” on-center or 24” on-center ceiling joists and requires a smaller rough opening cut than larger, traditional fan shutters.


Convinced a whole house fan is right for you? Explore our options below, and be sure to check NFA requirements and sq. ft. sizing to make sure you get the best one available for your home. Bigger is not always better! If you’re not sure what fan size you need, contact us! We’re available to answer any questions you might have.


14 In. 2-Speed Modern Whole House Fan with Ceiling Grid

14 In. 2-Speed Modern Whole House Fan with Ceiling Grid and Wi-Fi Controls 18 In. 2-Speed Modern Whole House Fan with Ceiling Grid 18 In. 2-Speed Modern Whole House Fan with Ceiling Grid and Wi-Fi Controls